SORTIE LE:23 mars 2015
ARTISTE: DJ Nice / A.G./ N-Jin
LABEL: Play that records
DJ Nice 48 Bars With A.G./ N-Jin

Mixé par Metronum
Masterisé par Logilo au Logil’hom

DJ NICE presents the 3rd vinyl on his label, PLAY THAT RECORDS.
First 7″ record of a new series vinyl named « 48 bars with » ; 1 same beat for 2 different MC’s and 2 differents DJ’s.
A SIDE : lyrics by AG (member ofDITC, crew of SHOWBIZ, BIG L, LORD FINESSE …) and cuts by DJ DUKE (STREET TRASH RECORDS et DJ d’ASSASSIN)
B SIDE: lyrics by N-JIN and cuts by DJ SKANDELA , 2 activists from TOULOUSE, the DJ NICE’s city in FRANCE.

BONUS CUTS at the end of A SIDE and BONUS DRUM at the end of the B SIDE.

1. 48 Bars featuring A.G. (of D.I.T.C.) Producer: DJ Nice
2. Bonus Scratch Producer: DJ Nice
3. 48 Bars featuring N-Jin Producer: DJ Nice
4. Bonus Drum Producer: DJ Nice

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